‘Twas two weeks before Christmas,
And outside the house,
Two doggies were chained,
With less than the meadow mouse.

Roland saw them as he drove by. Two dogs chained together in the mud. A dilapidated fruit box, their only shelter in the freezing temperatures and the rain.

Entwined as they were, with only three feet of chain between them, only one could raise himself above the muck. Roland could have kept driving that day, but he did not.

How the dogs came to be where they were was made purposefully unclear. It did not matter. Roland asked if he could take them to a better place, and the people said ‘yes’. His wife, Suzy, put out appeals to area rescues and across social media. She was afraid for their fate if she took them to a shelter – especially the Shepherd girl in her golden years. All were full.

Golden they were not; not even close.

It didn’t matter. Because we have supporters and volunteers who have built and support a place of safety and sanctuary, Homeward Bound was able to say: “we have room in the inn.”

In the mud and the frost,
No creature should be kept;
And just when all seemed lost,
In angels’ arms they were swept.

Because Roland and Suzy did not look away, Sadie is home for Christmas.

While Gage is still with us – he is in warmth, comfort, and safety with hopes for an adoption very soon.

It’s a touching rescue story for Christmas – but the holiday spirit can live all year long. Just look around you. Ask. Offer. And act – to give a gift that makes a world of difference in the life of a dog – and quite possibly, yours, too.

Merry Christmas from all of the dogs and volunteers of Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary. Thank you for all you do to make our mission possible.