November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month. Fittingly, we bring you the happy “tail” of two seniors who arrived this summer and left proving, once again, that love is ageless.

Max and Felix came to us out of tragedy. Their humans, heartbreakingly, perished together. At ten years of age and very closely bonded, the brothers suddenly found themselves orphaned. Other family members, overwhelmed with the loss, turned to Homeward Bound. We promised to keep them together, and so the wait began for their special someone(s) who could reimagine life with two adorable, huggable, and Velcro seniors.


They had been outside dogs, but possessed excellent house manners, never messing their area, and being sure to clean every single morsel of food from the floor! Because of their gentle natures, they quickly became the designated office dogs. The office space ensured ample room for their more-than-ample bodies, lots of hugs and pets, and a dog’s eye view of all comings and goings – which is how they came to meet Charlene (Charley) and Spencer. They were looking for a dog. No particular gender; young or old; Golden or mix. It didn’t matter. Just a good dog to share their lives with.

“We drove to the rescue with one collar and one leash with the full intention of adopting one dog. We talked about all the dogs on the website. We joked about taking two dogs home, saying how perfect it would be to have both Max and Felix,” says Charley. “The boys were laying behind the desk being cute as hell. I was in love right off the bat but I knew I didn’t want them to be separated and we were only looking for one dog.”


With their large and irresistible sugar-faces, Max and Felix made a bee-line right for Charley and Spencer’s hearts.

“We were shown a few dogs who were all amazing and loving but just not the right fit. As we waited for the next dog to be brought out, Spencer and I started talking again about the boys who already had my heart. And then, Jody unexpectedly came out with them and let them off their leashes. Felix ran straight to Spencer; Max came straight to me – and the magic connection between us was sealed.


Once we got home it felt like we’d had them forever. Max is our happy-go-lucky boy, who loves his duck and pig, eating his brother’s food, and cannot jump onto the bed because he’s too fat (we’re working on it!). Felix is our cuddly, loving, hopeless romantic. He likes to hold your hand and snuggle as close as he can.”


Charley and Spencer did not just find a dog. They found two someones they didn’t even know that they had been missing. And thanks to them, we were able to keep our promise to a family that very much needed to be at peace.

“They found us and we are theirs forever,” says Charley.

Recently, Santa paid a visit to Homeward Bound to hear the wishes of the dogs that wait, and to celebrate those who are now home – including Max and Felix!


Old dogs can be slow, and goofy. They may move like klutzes through your home, but anyone who has loved an old dog knows – they still can occupy your heart at lightening speed. They show boundless love and gratitude. They can be funny and endear in new and unexpected ways. They have the wisdom to accept life as it is and hope that you will also accept them as they are, as well. It takes a lifetime to get as sweet as an old dog.


A lot of people come to Homeward Bound with pre-conceived notions of their perfect dog. It’s good to be realistic about what is and isn’t suited for your life, but when you come to meet your future companion, we recommend leaving your heart open. You never know who you will find that needs you. And you might just find that, all along, you needed them too.