Lady Edith was destined for a life of making puppies. Too young, too thin, and in need of eye surgery – she was surrendered, instead, to Homeward Bound. It changed her life forever.

Despite her slight stature, we could tell something was up. The vet confirmed. A week or so later, she delivered her beautiful pups in the wee hours of the morning following a rare evening of Sacramento Valley thunderstorms.

Edith’s mothering instincts came naturally, despite her young age.


She has raised (with a little assistance!) four beautiful pups from tiny things…


to rough and tumble troublemakers!


Puppies are rare at Homeward Bound, and hopeful families have lengthy waits on our puppy list.


But good things come to those with patience…and all of Lady Edith’s puppies have been adopted.

Edith Puppy_3Wks_DSC_7519

Each litter that we welcome has a dedicated human mom assigned to them. This time, it was Judy who ensured that they were well-socialized – so important in a dog’s proper raising. It also means countless feedings and clean-ups. What goes in…must come out!

Puppy_Yellow_Wk 4_DSC_7851

We are happy to report that Lady Edith has also been adopted. As soon as the puppies are fully weaned, she will have her eye surgery, and will head to her own forever home where her adoptive mom also waits – anxiously! There, Edith will enjoy a life of play and love – as every young dog should.

Lady Edith_DSC_7638

Thanks to our generous supporters, Edith raised her pups in our Puppy Palace, where they can be safely separated from the other dogs, while providing ample room for play. And just watch them play!

Click here to watch their video.

Puppies are cute. They are also a huge commitment.


But with nurturing, training, love and luck – they grow in to the old dogs we
absolutely adore.