It’s hard to love and lose a beloved dog to age. It’s harder still to imagine them without that love in the sunset of their lives.

Lucky Star came to us from a shelter. Little was known about him except his obvious sweet, goofy, disposition and his bruised nose attesting to his determination not to be contained.


Our vet put him at 8-10 years of age. It’s not an exact science, but she’s a pretty expert estimator having helped thousands of our dogs.

Recently, former adopters came looking to meet their next companion. Having lost their much-loved Golden to age, they were looking for an adult dog around 6-7 years old. The requirement became flexible when the met and fell in love with Lucky Star.


As our president says: none of us come with an expiration date. We just don’t know how long we’ll be of this world. But they hoped he was on the younger end of our range, and they took him home.

A couple days later they visited their vet who estimated his age between 10 and 12. It scared them. They didn’t think their hearts could bear the thought of loving and losing him. So they brought him back.

Less than 24 hours later, they returned, swung open the car door, and took him home again – for good. In the end, they couldn’t bear the thought of living without him.


We’re never too old to love or be loved.

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Love is ageless. Let us help you find your special someone and make them as lucky as Lucky Star.

Photo credits: Rob Kessel