We all know that teenagers can be rebellious, socially awkward, and bundles of restless energy. Lucky is no exception!


Lucky is an 18-month old, smaller-sized, adorable Golden mix – and most definitely a teenager! Like all adolescents, he needs consistent rules, loving guidance, and a way to exercise his exuberance safely and healthfully. A daily walk is not enough for this bouncy boy! He needs an active single owner, couple, or dog-savvy family with older children who are dedicated to exercising him daily and training him to become the good canine adult citizen we know he can be.

He is able to entertain himself with dog-safe toys and chews; is happy to hang out with people; and he can be very loving once his energy is expended and he is able to relax. And that’s the key. Wear him down…and he’s “golden.”


He is very smart and a fast learner; he knows “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and is working on perfecting his “come.” But, teen that he is, he can be rebellious about proving it. So that commitment to daily training is very important.

He can fetch, and runs like the wind to retrieve those tennis balls! He is good with some dogs, but not all – and definitely no cats! We think he would be perfect with dog-smart humans that can be firm – yet kind – and demonstrate good leadership with consistent rules of the house.


We’ve had dogs like Lucky before – and we have seen what a special bond they can create with the right people in loving homes. If you live an active lifestyle, and you’re looking for a dog to live it fully with you…you would be lucky to take home Lucky! In return? You’ll have an adventure buddy for life!


For more information on Lucky, please visit his page by clicking here. Better yet…complete your application! He’s waiting for you.