What’s meant to be always finds a way. Here’s proof.
Taylor and Aaron are human mom and dad to a two-year old, black Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix named Zeus.


He came home as a puppy from someone giving the litter mates away for free. At the same time, his sister (Lola) was picked for a family friend. The two meet up every month or so and play like – well, siblings – when they get together.

Taylor and Aaron thought their home needed another dog to be complete. They considered a puppy, but decided a slightly older dog would be a better fit (puppies are a lot of work!). After some searching, a friend sent Taylor a link to one of Homeward Bound’s dogs: a black, Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix named…Zeus! When Taylor saw the photo she “more than freaked out!”


Homeward Bound’s Zeus had recently been surrendered. The two looked strikingly alike and were the same age. Taylor got in touch and made arrangements to see him immediately.


In person, the resemblance was jaw-dropping. A review of his file revealed more: they were born on the same date and in the same area. Putting two and two together, it seemed pretty clear that they were probably from the same litter. “They had to be siblings…especially when you look at those eyes! My gosh,” says Taylor.


The dogs hit it off and a match was made!


Meetings in open, neutral spaces are one thing. Going home can sometimes be another. But Taylor says that things are going well and the dogs are adjusting. Case in point: original Zeus has left his usual sleeping spot to sleep next to new Zeus, crated during this adjustment period. “Usually Zeus sleeps in our room with us, but apparently we aren’t as cool anymore,” says Taylor.

But two Zeus’ in one house? “We’re working on a new name and have landed on Woden (like woah-den) or Wody for short,” Taylor tells us. “Apparently Woden was the chief god in Germanic culture. New Zeus has a little more German Shepherd than original Zeus – so this seemed perfect. Zeus was the chief god in Greek mythology. It’s a different name, but at least he still gets to be a chief god!”

It is always a difficult decision to surrender a dog – and we always feel for the dog whose life is turned upside down. But things happen for reasons that aren’t always clear at first. Zeus (now Woden) has not only gained a new family, he has regained a brother and sister.


“We already have plans to see their sister this weekend. You guys were amazing throughout this entire process and we are so incredibly happy to have him be part of our home! Thank you so, so much. Our home is that much better now!” ~ Taylor

For more pictures of the meeting of Zeus and Zeus, please visit photographer Rob Kessel’s gallery here.