Through the Homeward Bound Golden Angel Program, very special sponsors earn their angel wings in support of one, or more, of our dogs with extraordinary needs. We wanted to update you on two of our beloved dogs, who recently earned their own wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Moose rushed into our hearts the minute he arrived all the way from Taiwan. He left us just as suddenly two years later. With his extraordinary needs, this noble boy found sanctuary with us where he was lovingly cared for and adored by all.


Winston – at only a year and a half – was our youngest Golden Angel dog. With neurological disorders beyond cure, he lived his life with exuberance until the end. He might have stayed longer if he could just settle quietly by our side. But Winston wanted to fly, and play, and run with abandon as his twitchy legs went every which way. And that’s exactly what he did. Now, he flies free.

We miss them both. We are so glad to be in a position to help dogs like Moose and Winston, and we are forever grateful to their supporters. Because there are always dogs in need, we have added three more Angel dogs to our list.


Eddie Van Halen is a sweet, “Velcro” dog with inoperable cancer. But don’t tell him. He seems to be completely unaware! While his medical costs are extraordinary, each day with this playful boy who craves human affection is a gift. He is sharing whatever time he has with us – pain-free, and surrounded by love.


Eight-year-old sisters, Callie and Star, suffer from a condition called “dry eye.” This disorder (with a very long official name) can result in blindness if untreated. While the eyesight of both dogs is already compromised, they receive very expensive drops on a daily basis to retain the sight they have left while in permanent, and loving, foster care. To make this possible, Homeward Bound will cover the cost of their medical care for their lifetimes.

You can make a huge difference to one or more of our special needs dogs by joining the ranks of our special Golden Angels. Make a recurring or one-time donation in honor of one dog or all. You will find all of the information by clicking here. And Thank You!