A fit dog is a happy dog. Just ask Sheila.
She adopted Renji – now Issac Newton – in October of 2013. At the time, he weighed in at a whopping 106 pounds.


While he was a gorgeous white fluff ball, all that weight was not at all healthy for him.

Excess weight can lead to serious health issues for dogs, including Osteoarthritis, Intervertebral Disk Disease, inflammation, high cholesterol, breathing and heart problems, and a shorter, lower quality of life.

When Isaac went home with Sheila and family, excess weight was not the only baggage he was carrying. “He was a very confused guy,” says Sheila. “He didn’t know right from wrong and was really worried he was going to be left again. He even stole the Thanksgiving turkey carcass the first month we had him!”


Having a friend helped. He lives with young Hensley and Rembrant (aka “Remmy”) who is his best buddy and helped him over his separation anxiety. He also slimmed down considerably and is now an agility star!


Some 30 pounds lighter, he and Sheila enrolled in a Karen Pryor Dog Training Professional Course which challenges them both. Issac has become a solid doggie citizen, and Sheila couldn’t be happier with him. “We love him to death,” says Sheila. Most importantly, she loved him with exactly what he needed: exercise not treats; reassurance, companionship and love – not cookies.


So next time you get those sad, begging, puppy eyes pointed at you…just say “no” to all those treats and cookies. Your dog will still love you and he’ll be around to love you longer at a healthier weight. Just like Issac!