Burney was once a family dog. His house manners and way with people tell us so. How he and his Black Lab “wife” and their near-feral puppies ended up abandoned and alone near the Burney, CA fire station – we’ll never know. What we do know is that Burney had suffered a broken and completely dislocated jaw. Despite the pain he must have been in, he demonstrated his loyalty by staying with his pups.

The good folks at the fire department called a local rescue and a capture was arranged. Burney (named for his fire station friends) saw the wisdom of this and gathered his off-spring. Mom was too frightened and sadly disappeared without a trace.

Burney and pups were transported to Homeward Bound where he got his desperately needed surgery. A call went out for canned food – all he could eat during his long recovery. Our amazing Homeward Bound supporters came through with pallets.

Food Burney

Burney arrived with another challenge: heartworms. This meant an extended stay for the long recovery where he watched the progress of his kids in our care. Skeptical, and a little frightened, the pups naturally all got names that began with a “B” and began learning the ways of loved dogs.


Little houses; comfortable beds; regular food and water; a large, covered and safe area to run, play and watch the world go by on warm spring days.



Bit by bit, Baldwin, Bristol, Baker and Bethany learned about people and trust.



Their confidence grew daily and – bitter sweet for Burney – each was adopted to loving homes.

Bethany Going Home

Bristol Going Home

Baker Going Home


Baldwin (now Duke) returns regularly for puppy socialization classes putting his once feral life behind him.


Now – heartworm free – it is finally Burney’s turn.


This exuberant eight year old hero is looking for a well-deserved forever home. He likes other dogs….but is not sure yet about cats. He needs a human committed to completing his training. While he knows “sit” and does OK on a leash, Burney is a little too bouncy for small children and can get over-excited by a game of chase. His jaw is healed, but he carries his story in the sweet tilt of his face (and a little bit of occasional drool!) You already know he is loyal and true.


We hope to arrange a reunion. If we can, we will bring the story to you. Burney certainly deserves to see the results of his best-dad dedication in the faces of his happy, well-adjusted kids. In the meantime, you can visit his page by clicking here. Can’t bring him home? Please share him with a friend and spread the word.