4th of July safety for your dog begins before and after the actual holiday. Anticipate early celebrations and after-event messes. Here are seven important safety reminders to keep your pets safe and your summer fun!

  1. Going to a see the fireworks? Leave your pets at home. Fireworks and large crowds can cause your dog to panic and desperately seek shelter.
  2. Keep them safe at home…INSIDE. Loud noises cause animals to freak and flee over and under fences. Don’t leave them in the yard unattended, even for potty breaks.
  3. Be sure they are properly identified (always)! Microchips, collars and ID tags with their names and your contact information help lost dogs get home.
  4. A tired dog is a less-stressed dog. Wear them out early on the big day. For anxious dogs, remain calm. Small quiet rooms, belly rubs and soothing voices reduce stress.
  5. Festive Food Hazards: Onions, coffee, chocolate, avocado, grapes & raisins are common ingredients at this time of year – and all are dangerous to your dog. Alcoholic drinks can poison pets. Yes…even beer.
  6. Backyard Hazards: Citronella candles; Sunscreen; Insect Repellent; Lighter Fluid and Matches. Keep them safely out of reach.
  7. Fireworks Hazards: All. Never use fireworks around your pets. Lit fireworks can result in severe burns or trauma to the face and paws. Even unused fireworks can be hazardous. Some fireworks contain potentially toxic substances such as arsenic, potassium nitrate, and other heavy metals. Glow jewelry plastics are also hazards that can be toxic or cause blockages if chewed.

Let’s keep it safe and fun. Share and spread the word!