We thought you would like an update on the Reservoir Dogs. The transformation has truly been amazing to watch thanks to the dedication and care or our volunteers.

Michael arrived so fearful – he shied away from any human contact. A gentle soul, he had been dominated by the rest of the pack and was emaciated – probably the last one to the food bowl. With tail firmly tucked, he had to be carefully and gently coaxed out for a walk…taking only a few steps at a time. A few weeks later, he is a different dog.


His tail has found an upright position and he has discovered the wonders of those magical green things we call tennis balls. Chase it; return it; and it gets thrown again – especially when you come hugging in for love.


You might not recognize David and Braden. David has filled out, adjusted well, and this gorgeous boy just beams with joy.


Braden’s nose has healed, he has gained some much-needed weight and he now wears a smile on his face.


Ashley’ tail is also becoming untucked, although she is still a little timid.


She’ll put her worries aside to go for a walk with you, but is even happier to have you gently pet her into slumber in the warm spring sunshine.


Abigail and Jordan have discovered the wonders of professional grooming.


Not just a bath, mind you…the full spa treatment. They weren’t so sure when it started, what with all those suds and hair driers, but quickly decided they could get used to this!


We kid that Hunter has a mass in his mouth: this dog is never, ever without a toy! He has a sweet, playful disposition; the adjustment might have been easiest for him. He’s anxious to go home, but first, we had to deal with pesky ear issues.


Hunter, Buddy (aka Grandpa) and Abigail all had ear surgeries last week to correct long untreated issues. It’s hard to tell them that this is for their own good when they have been through so much, but it will truly bring relief. So far, they are doing very well. We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

Joseph is still very shy. Loud noises, voices and sudden movements can still startle him, so we take things very slow and quiet. He is gradually finding his way to trust.


Joshua has been feeling a little under the weather. They have all been through a lot, and he is a particularly sensitive boy.


The team is completing assessments to make perfect matches for those ready to go home. If you are among our contributors to our “Fund of Love” or “Double the Gold” campaigns – thank you. Your generosity provides for the medical care of the Reservoir Dogs and countless others.

We are blessed to have so many people expressing interest in these wonderful dogs. While they can’t all go home with everyone – remember, there’s a perfect dog for every family and a perfect family for every dog – with matches made at Homeward Bound.