OK…what part of this dog is a Golden Retriever? Well…he’s gold…we’ll give you that. It’s not unusual to see Golden mixes and even masquerading Goldens in our care at Homeward Bound.


We have a special name for them: “Fool’s Gold.”


While some camps think a breed-specific rescue should stick only to pure-bred dogs, we have to disagree.

First – many of our dogs come to us from shelters or surrender. Without “papers” there is no guarantee of a dog’s true lineage.


Second – dogs frequently come to us in pairs; one Golden, one not. We always prefer to keep bonded pairs together. We can’t imagine saying ‘no’ to the non-Golden in these cases.


Third – a dog rescued is a dog rescued.


Thanks to our generous supporters and dedicated volunteers, we are blessed with resources, as well as loving families waiting to adopt. While some are only interested in Goldens, others will open their hearts to any dog in need.


Our mission is clear, and when space is tight or resources strained, Goldens will always take priority. But when we have the ability and we’re presented with the opportunity to aid a dog with a golden heart if not a golden coat – we are happy to help it on its journey home.


And we’re pretty certain that our supporters wouldn’t have it any other way.