One very busy Saturday in September, a family arrived to share their children’s donation – food for the dogs paid for with money they had earned themselves. They requested a tour, and while the day was especially hectic, we rearranged to accommodate it. These parents wanted their children to understand the importance of giving. They returned within the week and gifted us with the adoption of our deaf Ollie who had waited so long. Not long after that they returned for sweet Mariposa. Both have found a loving home; our gift of time was unexpectedly rewarded a hundredfold.

Every year we make lists of resolutions with varying degrees of success. When Homeward Bound lost our beloved Vice President, board member, dedicated volunteer and my friend, Dick Brothers this year, I resolved to be better at two things to help fill the gap: welcoming and thanking.

Our organization is powered by some 200 volunteers and thousands of supporters. Their first or best day may be on the heels of our hardest. Anyone who is dedicated to rescue understands that loss sometimes accompanies joy. I remain resolved to temporarily put the day-to-day aside and welcome each person with enthusiasm and appreciation; you just never know what it will lead to.

My gratitude: it is boundless. Without all of you, there would be no Homeward Bound. Because of you, blind Bogey is finally home; hit-and-run victim Nicholas is able to walk and run; Janie and Summer’s cancers have been treated; and sweet 11-year old senior Maggie was home on Christmas. The list goes on and on – thanks to you.

As one of our volunteers so beautifully put it: it is such a blessing to find one’s passion in life and be surrounded by those that share the same. I am grateful to you all and I remain committed to welcoming and thanking in the New Year.  I wish you and yours a wonderful 2014!


Jody Jones
President, Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.

Just a few of the faces we have been blessed to know and help this year: