Let’s begin with an obvious fact: Apollo is not a Golden Retriever. You might say he came to Homeward Bound by accident. At a little over a year old, he had been surrendered to a local shelter for being “too active.” Fact #2: Dogs under two years of age are active.



At the shelter, Apollo was on “the list.” You know the one. The one from which you do not return. One of our teammates spotted him. The thought was that he would be a good candidate for a working dog program we know. He was whisked away in the nick of time and soon found himself surrounded by a gaggle of Goldens.


Fact #3: Apollo is a mix of pitty and black lab. Lots of people have preconceived notions about dogs like Apollo. Some also think every Golden Retriever is automatically a sweet, loveable family dog. Just like people, dogs have personalities and histories. You can’t judge a dog by its beautiful black and white cover.


Along the way, we learned that the only program Apollo needed was one that would help him learn the ways of a family dog. That meant training. Despite his youthful exuberance, we found him to be an attentive student and a quick learner. It’s likely that no one ever took the time to teach him.

It also meant love – another thing missing in Apollo’s short life. A dog’s capacity for forgiveness is deep. Despite everything he has been through, Apollo still trusts. If you spend a little time with him, it will likely be rewarded with kisses, quickly followed by a request for a belly rub. This is a dog that will play all day and cuddle all night. Perfect for someone with an active lifestyle who understands that his training needs to be continued. Better still if the home offers another dog looking for a playmate.


Fact #4: Apollo will need all of our help to find him a forever home. Our network is built on people who have a passion for Golden Retrievers. Not a lot of people come to Homeward Bound looking for an Apollo. Still, we all share a passion for rescue. Apollo needs us to complete his rescue with a home of his own.


Had our volunteer not been at the shelter that day, Apollo would simply be a statistic. Things happen for a reason. Maybe it is not really an accident that Apollo found a second chance at Homeward Bound.

You can view his page by clicking here. Please share. Thank you.