Moose left behind a harsh life of suffering and neglect in Taiwan for sunny days in northern California and a second chance at life. Although only eight years old when rescued, Moose’s poor old body has been through a lifetime of illness and physical impairment.

He arrived at Homeward Bound in June, 2013 after traveling some 6,450 miles – from Taipei, Taiwan to San Francisco. Upon arrival, he was met at San Francisco International Airport by our transport team; in this case, John, his wife Beatrice and Rowena.


Dogs are not equally valued in all cultures. Suffice to say, Taiwan may not be the best place to be born a dog. Our network includes rescue partner Johanna Quinn, an American native, and her teammates in Taiwan. They have made the rescue of Taiwanese dogs their life’s work.

Emaciated, with neurological problems, severe skin issues, and eyes that were nearly blind, Moose’s greatest challenge was simply standing up.


His weak atrophied muscles kept him floundering on the floor, and we were unsure whether he could ever recover enough to stand and walk on his own.


Since coming to Homeward Bound, Moose’s huge heart and undaunted Golden spirit have won over everyone he has met. And amazingly enough, his ravaged body has begun to heal.


Moose has not only become strong enough to get up on his own and go for walks, but his skin is healing, his thin body is filling out, and he is growing in a coat of
soft fur that he’s probably never had in his life.


His eyes will never see again, but he knows that he is surrounded by love and security, each and every day of his new life.


For Moose, and the hundreds of dogs like him who make their way to us each year; for our rescue partners, supporters and amazing volunteers; for our adoptors and fosterers – we are thankful. On behalf of all of us at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue, Happy Thanksgiving.