Roxie came to Homeward Bound when her family – who loved her very much – could no longer care for her. Due to circumstances beyond their control, 12-year-old Roxie found herself in search of a new family to love. Lucky for her, Roxie found temporary refuge in the loving care of foster mom, Michele, and her rescued twin, Murphy.


Fostering is a selfless act. To take a homeless dog into your home, providing love, care and attention also means they enter your heart. Our foster families know that while each adoption saves a life, a foster parent can save many. Roxie did not look or act her age. While she may not have had the exuberance of a puppy, she out-walked Murphy and had plenty of energy for snuggling, cuddling and leaning in for love.


Opening your heart to a senior dog requires a small leap of faith but delivers countless blessings. Roxie put her faith in Homeward Bound that we would deliver on our promise to her – and we did, thanks to Michele.


Here is a note from Roxie’s new family. They have not only added Roxie to their life; they have added Michele.

“We adopted our Roxie girl a few months back and cannot imagine our life without her. She is such a joyful addition to our family.


She loves the beach. Although she is an oldie, when we take her to the beach, she seems to get some of her youth back. She loves to run along the shore and chase birds.


She loves to be petted and will let you know if it is not time to stop giving her love. She can’t get enough of tummy rubs. Roxie enjoys her walks and will let you know when you are going too slow (as I often do.) She is just a little bit spoiled. Well, actually a lot – but we can’t help it, we love her so much.


We want to thank Michelle B., her foster mommy who has become a friend that will be in our family forever. Thank you Homeward Bound and thank you Michelle for adding so much joy and love to our home.”

If you think you might be interested in providing short term or permanent foster care, you’ll find more information on our website, here. There is always a need. And remember, foster dogs (and their families) love forever.