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Dee Dee’s Photo Op

Dee Dee has a joyous update she would like to share with you! Please visit here.

Some dogs are hard to capture in a single photo. Put them all together, and you begin to capture their true personality. Dee Dee is a golden mix sweetheart who likes kids and other dogs. She’s looking for her perfect someone(s) who can keep up with her in play, and inspire a permanent smile.

6 Responses to Dee Dee’s Photo Op

  1. Kristen McFall

    She’s gorgeous – we have two Goldens, Hailey is 9 and Daisy is 3.5. Dee Dee looks so much like Daisy, and seems to have the same personality. How old is Dee Dee, and is she ready to be adopted out? How is she with other girls? We have a fenced in yard, 1/2 acre – take our girls hiking/swimming every weekend. What are our chances of meeting your Dee Dee?

    • H.B. Dog

      Hi Kristen. Dee Dee is a very young ten and does like other dogs. You can follow the link to her page with and complete info. If you are interested in this great girl, please complete an adoption application and when you are contacted for your home visit, let your counselor know. Thank you!

  2. Richard White

    Is there a way to arrange a meeting between our Homeward Bound alumnus and Dee Dee to see if they might like one another? Thanks

    • H.B. Dog

      It’s not clear how long ago you adopted and whether you have an active counselor. Might be best to give us a call at Homeward Bound to discuss. Thanks so much!

    • Richard White

      I left a message for Lynn on Tuesday afternoon about trying to set up an appointment to meet Dee Dee with my Golden on Sunday at 2:00 and have not heard back. Is that a good time and date? Thanks Dick

    • H.B. Dog

      Hi Richard, your message has been forwarded to our team. You can always call out to Homeward Bound as well.

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