When you’re a tall, skinny, jet black dog with bad hair and a habit of yelling at other dogs in a place best known for cuddly golden retrievers…well let’s just say, you have a couple of strikes going against you.


Jack (named “Black Jack” because there was already a Golden Jack on site) was dropped off in the middle of the night. First problem: they got the wrong place! It took a couple of days for the nice neighbors to realize that he was meant to be left at Homeward Bound.


He arrived all gawky and gangly. It was obvious he was not well cared for or well-trained. He went to “school” and worked really hard. He learned how to walk on a leash. His coat improved along with his manners thanks to the training and dedication of all the volunteers, but neither would ever be described as ‘perfect’.

Along the way, we discovered that what Jack lacked in classic looks and dog-to-dog skills, he more than made up for in people charm. Most amazing was the connection he had with children, especially young boys. Yet he stayed…and stayed…and stayed; loved and cared for, but waiting and hoping for his own special boy.

A couple of weeks ago a young man named Ty – himself adopted – picked Jack from all the other dogs on the website. He and his parents – former adopters – came out together to meet him.


The bond was instant. Jack finally found someone who loved him just the way he was.


Ty told Jody, our President, that he had been working and saving for his dog. He had a hard-earned $10 in his pocket for the adoption fee. Now, Jack is a senior dog in need of a very special home. He’s been with us for almost three years waiting for that right opportunity. We would, of course, waive the fee for his chance at a fur-ever home. But this young man has been instilled with great values. He insisted. So Jody advised Ty that the fee was $1.00. And do you know what he did? He paid the $1.00 for Jack – and donated the other $9.00 in support of the waiting dogs.


Jack is finally home. He finally has his very own special boy who plays with him in his very own backyard.


Some “fur-evers” take a little longer. For Jack and Ty, this one was worth the wait.