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Pool Party!

Our Homeward Bound dogs line up for a vet-ordered swim – whether it’s to calm irritable skin like Ollie’s; to redirect boundless energy (Olympus!); or just to burn some calories (yeah…we’re talking to you Ned and Lady!) Everyone in the pool! The water is fine. Another great gallery from photographer Rob Kessel.

View more photos here.

3 Responses to Pool Party!

  1. Maria sargent

    I love these pictures. Not sure whose having more fun and cooling off in the pool. Is it Steve and Chris or the dogs? Great photography on the first photo of Steve.

    • H.B. Dog

      It’s hard work being a dog pool lifeguard…but someone’s gotta do it!

  2. JoAnn Daniel

    Great photos~~Looks like everyone had fun.

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