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The Dogs We Love

Talented photographer and long-time Homeward Bound volunteer, Rob Kessel regularly trains his lens on the dogs. From the sweet to the silly, the regal to the ridiculous – his photos capture their unique personalities for potential adopters. His archives chronicle the dogs’ time with us, no matter the length – creating a beautiful log of the hundreds of dogs we rescue and love each and every year.


5 Responses to The Dogs We Love

  1. Lorrie McClain

    Rob takes the best pictures ever! He really gets all of their expressions and personalities!

  2. Corie Turner

    Nothing like the face of a Golden. It is our honor to live by the “Golden Rule”.

  3. Marlene McNew

    These photos are a treat to peruse!

  4. Margaret Macelis

    Goldens are the most loving canines, loyal, affectionate and exceptionally bright. These dogs have souls and deserve to have their lives well lived.

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