It’s been a long journey for our Brutus. From married man to single guy. From sighted to blind. He arrived in September 2012 along with his wife, Sierra. They had raised many pups and had been forever outside dogs.


She was sweetness and grace; Brutus was her big, rough and ready guardian; a lovable clod who, through no fault of his own, was never taught the simple basics of civilized behavior.


All eyes were on her. It was heartbreaking, but a decision was made to break them up so she could move on as quickly as possible. This gave us time to start the work that Brutus needed, but along the way, he lost his sight and we could not restore it. Another hurdle for our sweet boy.


Along with is sight, he lost some of his brutish ways and he quickly became a favorite of all the volunteers.


Instead of training him, I’m afraid we spoiled him. Which might have made his journey even harder if not for DebraLea. A rescuer herself, of the equine kind, she was looking to honor her beloved 3-year old canine companion – Willow – by adopting a special needs dog to join her two tiny rescued pups.

When she arrived at Homeward Bound today, we were told not to get our hopes up; that this was simply a meet and greet. We all secretly smiled as she politely ditched her volunteer companions and took Brutus to a yard so she could assess his training aptitude. Rehabilitation and rescue are what she loves…and she quickly fell in love with Brutus.


Tonight, our boy is sleeping in a house, on a rug, with his new family at a wonderful horse ranch and rescue in Santa Rosa.

Brutus collage

There are no words for our joy.