Meet our dogs! New dogs arrive at Homeward Bound weekly. Before they are made available on the website, they are vetted, seen by our veterinarian, and assessed to determine the best match for them and our adopters.

Meet the Dogs!

GrizzlyGolden Retriever, Age 12, Boy
I’m a little grizzled maybe but otherwise I have no idea why the people named me “Grizzly”. I’m really just a love-bug. Heh-heh.Click on my photo to find out more.
Buddy the Lab
Buddy the LabLabrador Retriever, Age 11, Boy
I don’t get around very quickly anymore but, believe me, I still get around. So if you have a secure yard and want a pal to hang out with, I’m your guy. Click the pic for more information. Don’t forget to fill out an application. Ask for Buddy.
Hudson - Adopted!
Hudson - Adopted!Golden Mix, Age 11, Boy
I’m a charming, easy-peasy dog that needs a new home due to some hard luck. Click my photo and fill out an application. You won’t regret. Yes, the eyebrows are real.
Goldie Retriever
Goldie RetrieverGolden Retriever, Age 11, Girl
I’m living inside a building now and I like that a lot. But I’d really love to be in a home where I am loved. Maybe with you? click my photo and I will tell you more!
BearGolden Retriever, Age 10, Boy
Look how handsome I am. And I’m just as active as I am good-looking. I have a zest for life that will surprise you. If you think you can keep up then click the pic and catch a ride with me.
Barney - Adopted!
Barney - Adopted!Golden Retriever, Age 10, Boy
I absolutely love people but other critters . . . not so much. But I am so adorable that you won’t need any other aminals in your life. Have a secure yard for me? Then the click the pic now to find out more!
GoldieGolden Mix, Age 9, Girl
I’m one of those dogs that comes with a story. There’s a sad part and a scary part. You might be able to add the happy ending but you have to click my photo to get started. Go ahead. Make my day!
DellaGolden Mix, Age 9, Girl
I am a SPECIAL NEEDS girl looking for a special someone full of love and patience to make me feel safe and secure – something I’ve never enjoyed. I’ve worked really hard to get this far. Click on my photo and let’s talk about “home.”
MiloLabrador Retriever, Age 9, Boy
Looking to make a big impact on a dog’s life? I’m determined to become the best dog I can be but I need some help. From someone who understand dogs and what they need to thrive. Click my photo to see if you might be that person.
FoxyLabrador Retriever, Age 8, Girl
Foxy Lab girl looking for a place to stay . . . forever. Affectionate and willing to pull on your leash to get you moving. Interested? Click the pic to get the details.
RileyLabrador Retriever, Age 8, Boy
After knee surgery and rehab I am rarin’ to go. I’m an affectionate, fun loving guy looking for a new home where I can be the only dog. I like the water and playing fetch but I’m also open to new adventures. Click my photo if you are too.
AmandaGolden Retriever, Age 8, Girl
I’m a Special Needs girl that is rarin’ to go. I love to run around with my toys and I’ll even bring them back to you to toss them again. Click my pic and find out what makes me so special.
TrudeeGolden Mix, Age 8, Girl
I’ve been through my heart worm treatment and now I’m ready to rock. Looking for a playful girl that can run with the boys but also kick back and watch TV with you. I’m your girl, mate. Click the pick and let’s meet!
Ms. London
Ms. LondonGolden Retriever, Age 7, Girl
“I see London, I see France …” Yeah, yeah — I’ve heard it before. I’m another one of those dogs that wasn’t allowed in the house. Go figure. I bet you have room enough for me in your house. Click my pic to find out if I’m the girl for you.
BellahAge 6, Girl
I used to be really shy around people but with all the help I received at HB, I’ve really come out of my shell. I play with toys and learned how to cuddle. I even went to an almost forever but it turns out I really need another dog to hang out with at home. If you have a friendly dog at home that needs a friend, click my photo and arrange a meeting for us!
SparrowAge 4, Girl
I am a special girl with a long journey – as you can see, but I’m beginning to look like a dog again! I’m OK with other dogs, LOVE my people, but no cats or critters please…for their own protection! Click on my photo and fall in love with me.
Emmett - ADOPTED!
Emmett - ADOPTED!Godlen mix, 4 years, Boy
Active dog looking for an active family. That about says it all. Sure, I could use some refresher obedience training but I will be a happy and affectionate companion for you so I’m worth it. Click the pic for more!
Chloe - ADOPTED!
Chloe - ADOPTED!Godlen Retriever, 3 years, Girl
Click my pic and I’ll tell you a story about a magic land far, far away. well, not all that far really. Go ahead. Click.
Jazmine - ADOPTED!
Jazmine - ADOPTED!Godlen Retriever, 3 years, Girl
I’m not sure how but I ended up in this halfway house called Homeward Bound. It’s not bad here but I don’t do things halfway. So help me complete my life by clicking on my photo for more information. Don’t wait. Go ahead and do it now.
Sandy aka Angel
Sandy aka AngelGodlen mix, 1 year, Girl
Look, I’m young and innocent and no one has taught me how to do things. I just need a patient person to teach me the social graces so I can learn to charm the people and animals around me. I can do it. Click my pic to get more info about me!
Anna & Elsa
Anna & ElsaChihuahuas, Ages 1 & 1.5, Girls
We’re not Goldens, but we have golden hearts – and we play with them! In fact, someone dumped us right near a place where there are tons of them! We’re a courtesy listing, so do us the courtesy of sharing please? Click on our photo to help us get home.
The Drake
The DrakeFlat Coated Retriever Mix, Age 7-8, Boy
I recently recovered from cataract surgery and I see the world in a whole new light. In fact, I’m ready to see my furever home! I’m a Courtesy Listing, so please click on my courtesy photo to help me get home!
HerschelGerman Shorthaired Pointer, Age 5, Boy
I like Golden Retrievers so I asked Homeward Bound if they would give me one. They politely declined but said they would be happy to give me a Courtesy Posting on their website. Whatever that means. Maybe if you click that photo of me you can find out more!